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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shades of Green: Life as a Work-at-Home Mom

A guest post by Maggie Singleton

Work-at-home mom (WAHM) has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  You can be a mom AND continue to make money for the family.  You've got the laundry and the laptop at your fingertips; the best of both worlds; a touch of green from both pastures.
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A lot of moms ask me how I like it–half of them wishing for a day off to hang out with their kids; the other half of them wishing for a day off from their kids. I like to think that the grasses are not greener on either side of the fence; they are simply (wait for it…) different shades of green.

At one moment, I may be spending time with my kids (usually with my cattle prod in hand—herding them from one activity to the next).  A moment later, I am fielding a call from someone who is penning his first novel and needs an editor yesterday.  I suppose it is all part of my exhilarating, yet not-so-steamy love affair between mothering, part time work, and housekeeping (which always feels like the third wheel). 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Review: Milk Diaries A Fun, Kleenex-Worthy Read

By Elizabeth
Get any group of mothers with young children together- or even just two of us—and the stories start coming. Labor stories, teething stories, blowout-diapers-in-public stories, the list goes on. It’s refreshing to hear someone reassure you that no, you’re not the only one who has experienced the joys, fears, and constant battle with bodily fluids that mark the first few years of motherhood.

Maggie Singleton’s compilation, Milk Diaries, does in print what we do naturally. It tells stories. The beauty of the book is that these stories are fresh, honest, and completely uncensored. These women have laughed, cried, struggled, smeared on the lanolin, and soldiered on, doing exactly what we mammals were designed to do: nurse their babies. Anyone who hasn’t been through the experience cannot truly understand the myriad of emotions, pressures, and sheer exhaustion that nursing entails. Yes, it’s natural, but no, it’s not instinctive. And in the West, we have a few generations behind us who were almost entirely raised on formula, so for a time there, it was almost a lost art.
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