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Monday, March 26, 2012

Potty Training Timeline: Booty Camp Style

By Heather Novak

Loading up on Boot Camp goodies
My oldest daughter turned three last month and we needed to be OUT of CLOTH DIAPERS. I cannot even guess how much we have spent on disposables and pull ups since we began potty training her at 18 months. She was like 75% trained...all poops in the potty with M&M rewards. I thought she had it down so we changed to a bigger reward for a day of clean pants....and derailed everything.

Oh yeah, and we had a baby too.

So my friend Mark gave us the Booty Camp Training DVD and notes to try. He has a special needs child who after nine years in dipes was successfully trained using this method.

Editor's note: Some of the basics of this style of training include setting aside a day to focus solely on training and keeping the child in underwear the entire day. If there are accidents, the child must participate in cleaning it up and touch his or her wet/dirty underwear to understand what happened. There is a rewards system for attempting to go potty, and of course, for succeeding. The main thing is to put the responsibility of pulling down underwear, sitting and even clean up on the child. Liquids are encouraged to be plentiful the entire experience and many recommend juice boxes (even if they are not usually allowed) because children drink them, and drink them quickly. Salty "junk" foods are also encouraged in order to keep the child interested and thirsty. Back to the post... 

This is how our Booty Camp day shaped up:

February 10th: Purchased an obscene amount of junk food for training weekend. For Portia. Well I did eat a lot. To test it out. Actually I might have eaten the entire package of Keebler Elves' chocolate covered creme wafers. Rotten Elves. 1,200 calories later...
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