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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mommy 101: How To Survive The Challenges Of Infertility

The Mommy 101 posts are part of an occasional series in areas where we feel knowledgeable. Each mom brings her own set of life experiences to these posts and we hope that you can benefit from these tidbits. Read all of the posts in the Mommy 101 series here.

By Heather

Build an infertility support group in your life
Recently, I discussed the day I learned of my husband’s and my infertility. There are many things I’ve discovered over the years; it’s hard to say if they would have changed my path but for anyone who is new to this or still on their journey, maybe my words will make a difference. We can only try, right?
Here are a few things I wish I’d known in my family's struggle with infertility:

*Please note that there are many different levels of infertility. There are very complicated conditions that will require invasive procedures and I can’t even begin to relate to that type of struggle. My infertility is the type more commonly found among unsuspecting women: [mostly] unexplained infertility.*

Getting pregnant is only half the battle. For a full year, we drove ourselves crazy to conceive a child. And then it happened. We were on cloud nine. We celebrated. We told family. And then the floor came out from underneath us. I suffered a miscarriage. What? No, miscarriages only happen to people who get pregnant on their own. I used MEDICINE to conceive my child. He/she was guaranteed to me. Unfortunately, this heartbreak is extremely common. I’m not saying to worry yourself sick but don’t stop the prayers or finger crossing or whatever you’re doing as soon as you see those two lines. There’s much more to the journey and it’s not always good.

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