Friday, November 30, 2012

Season of Giving: Winner of Toys R Us Gift Card

Congrats Maggie M.! You are the winner of the $50 Toys R Us gift card, courtesy of Proof Parsons, an online content creation company and Padilla Home Inspections and Handyman Services, LLC.

For everyone else, go ahead and get entered in our next giveaway for a Swarovski crystal bracelet. Click here to enter.

Season of Giving: St. Jude Golden Anniversary

This year is the 50th anniversary of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis. In 1962, Danny Thomas opened the doors to the hospital that is now considered one of the most cutting-edge facilities for childhood disease in the world. What sets St. Jude apart is its no refusal policy towards children that need its care. No family is ever turned away based on race, religion or ability to pay for treatment.
If you are able this holiday season, consider making a donation in honor of the healthy kids in your life. You can do this right on this St. Jude page.
Blogger Maura, also the owner of the Pretty Colleen Etsy shop, has designed a specialty bracelet for the golden anniversary of St. Jude and is donating a portion of the proceeds directly to the hospital. If you are looking for a way to buy a meaningful and beautiful gift this Christmas, this is a way to do it. We are also giving away one in a giveaway that ends at 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, December 13th. You can enter that giveaway below. Buying a bracelet earns you 10 (!!!) entries.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Plan a Birthday Party on a Budget

By Heather C.

This weekend, my two littlest ones will celebrate their first birthday. As many of you probably know, birthday parties tend to take a lot of planning, a pretty large budget and more energy than most moms have.  I’ve come up with a few tips to plan a great birthday party on a budget (both for you AND your guests).

The evite I created for my oldest's party
1.   Rather than renting out a hall or facility, host the party from your home. If your child has a birthday during good weathered days, host a backyard barbecue. Put on the invitation to bring lawn chairs if you don’t have enough outdoor seating. The city I live in charges for park pavilion rentals but this is also a good idea to check on for an outdoor party.
       Dealing with a winter birthday? If your home really doesn’t have enough space, host multiple parties. Do a small one for your child’s friends and another small one for your child’s family. If you do both parties in the same day or same weekend, you won’t have to worry about wasting leftovers or spending more money on multiple sets of decorations.

 Keep in mind, my house is under 1000 square feet and I’ve still hosted my whole family for holidays and birthdays: 30 people crammed into a small space with no major complaints. (And yes, the larger majority sits on the floor or stand. We have enough seating for maybe 12.)

2.       Keep it short. The birthday party does not have to last all day. Plan for a 2 hour window. This is enough time for your child to open presents, guests to eat snacks and the cake to be served. If you are doing a party for just your child’s friends, consider skipping opening presents in front of the big group and plan fun games instead. Use craft sites like Pinterest to plan cheap and easy options.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Gifts: How to Save Cash and Give Meaningful Presents

By Lori

My son Max's secondhand Christmas loot.
Every year, many of you find yourselves saying the same thing. You want to spend less money, avoid accumulating a bunch of clutter, and not spoil your children. People want to "remember the reason for the season" instead of focusing on spending a large amount of money (or accruing debt on a charge card) for presents that are not really needed. I am one of those people who enjoy saving money and stocking up on practical and fun gifts that my loved ones will appreciate. Here are great ways to keep some cash in your wallet, give gifts family and friends will use, and not wind up paying off presents for months to come.

Shop on

This is my go-to website. If you buy an item directly from Amazon (other people can sell items on this site), you pay no sales tax. Add more than $25 of eligible items to your cart and check out with their Free Super Saver Shipping and you have purchased gifts sans tax and shipping. Amazon is a great way to find the lowest prices without leaving your home, spending money on gas, and fighting traffic. (Note: I have no affiliation with Amazon. I simply enjoy shopping on this site!)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Gifts: What to Get for Teachers

Photo via

My oldest child is in preschool this year, and Christmas is approaching. Teachers everywhere will soon receive corny mugs filled with envelopes of hot chocolate. I’d prefer not to be that parent.

But what to give?

Should we give anything at all?

My husband is a high school teacher and gets homemade cookies or bread from maybe three or four students each Christmas. High school and middle school teachers generally don’t get the deluge of gifts that grade-school or preschool teachers receive.

However, my mother is a fifth-grade teacher at a private school, and she brings home armfuls of holiday gifts each year. Some are practical, some are tasty, and some are just clutter. A few years ago, she bought an inexpensive set of shelves to put in a corner of her classroom, and that’s where she displays many of her gifts from students. It’s loaded with ceramic apples and pencil-themed picture frames, but it contains only a portion of the gifts she’s received during her 13-or-so years teaching at that particular school. Other gifts are scattered around my parents’ home, while still others have gone the thrift store or garage sale route.

My mom does enjoy gift cards, but givers must be careful with these, too. Mom doesn’t drink coffee, but she often receives Starbucks cards, which she passes along to my coffee-drinking sister.

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Mom, New Country: Welcome Lin!

Hi Everyone!

I first was introduced to Mumbling Mommy through my friend, Lori. When I went to check out the blog, I thought it would be a great idea to share my experiences on becoming a new mom. As a first time mom, I found it extremely helpful talking to other women in my situation.

My name is Lin, I grew up in Indiana and immigrated from China when I was 3 years old. As long as I could remember, I wanted out of my little bubble in Indiana, but at the same time thankful for my Midwest upbringing. After high school, I went to Purdue University and had some of the best memories in my life. In between I lived in Los Angeles for a summer, from that point on somewhere else besides the Hoosier state was calling my name. I met my husband, Tarek, the last semester I was at Purdue. We had an instant foodie and travel connection.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Be Thankful Already

By Heather C.

I find “Black Friday” to be quite the nuisance. I love shopping and getting good deals just as much as the next gal. And with three small children now, playing Santa takes quite a bit of planning ahead and saving up but when it comes to the idea of Christmas starting immediately after Thanksgiving, I just can’t get on board.

Within in minutes of Halloween ending, stores were decorated in red and green. Sparkling cardboard cutouts of trees and ornaments hung from the ceilings. Radio stations already played Jingle Bells and Silent Night. Did Thanksgiving get lost in translation? Is Thanksgiving just another part of “the holiday season” like many say?

A newer trend on Facebook is for November to be deemed 30 Days of Thankful. Many, including myself, post each day something they are thankful for. Even though I agree with the skeptics that you should be thankful for the people and things in your life every day, I like seeing statuses about something other than how Christmas has crept into yet another month of the year.

So Thanksgiving ends and less than nano seconds later, all that sentimental thankfulness and joy and love for family immediately goes away. Parents go out ravage each other fighting for that one coolest toy as if their child will hate them if Santa doesn’t make it appear. I’m not saying my daughter has never thrown a tantrum over not receiving something but we’ve make it a point to teach her the whole “the thought that counts” mantra. She’s three. It’s a work in progress. But that doesn’t mean we don’t try.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, 2012!

Wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends. We have so much to be thankful for here -- especially our readers!

Enjoy the festivities and stay safe if you brave Black Friday sales.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Craft: Got Turkey?

By Rachael

Our Thanksgiving table centerpiece
My oldest daughter and I have been making crafts with recycled milk jugs this fall. It started with cute jack-o-lanterns we made for Halloween. This week, we transformed another jug into a nice, plump Thanksgiving turkey.

To start, wash an empty gallon jug and allow it time to dry. Cover the whole thing with brown acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, cut feather shapes from construction paper and glue on to make a tail and wings. Cut a tear drop-shaped red piece of construction paper for the turkey's wattle (that thing that hangs under his chin!), and cut an orange or yellow piece of paper for his beak. Cut eyes out of white and black paper. Glue it all on, and voila. 

Don't forget to trace your child's hands on orange or yellow construction paper. Cut out the hand shapes and glue them to the bottom of your turkey to give him some feet. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

You can contact Rachael by e-mailing her at

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Ultrasound Surprise: It's a What? Are You Sure?

By Maura

Baby Benson!
Let me start by saying what is known. It always needs to be said for some reason: I just want a healthy baby. That is the most important thing. Before an ultrasound revealed the gender of my first child, I was assured that all organs were functioning wonderfully and measurements were on track. The ultrasound tech referred to baby Benson as “perfect” on multiple occasions. This news brought tears to my eyes.

To set the stage a bit, my husband travels a lot for work, and I am not always very patient. I had my 20 week ultrasound scheduled for weeks and had been waiting since practically day one to know if we would be the parents of a son or daughter. 

A couple of days before the appointment, Gary announced that he needed to be out of town and we would have to reschedule. Um, no? I was unable to get in a different day that week and begged to just go alone and tell him the gender later. He agreed that would be fine. Taking some inspiration from friends, I decided to ask the tech to write down the gender and seal the envelope, so Gary and I could find out together. I swore not to peek and, believe it or not, I didn’t! We planned for a nice dinner the next evening when he was back in town. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Season of Giving: Win a $50 Toys R Us Gift Card

With Black Friday just days away, the toy ads just keep coming. My kids love to flip through them all and point to items that they want for Christmas, for their birthdays, for Valentine's Day... you name it. This time of year I wish I had a little elf to do my shopping, and a little extra cash in my wallet from Santa.

Well, we may not have elves or Santa here at Mumbling Mommy, but we have a $50 Toys R Us gift card to give away. The contest runs through 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, November 29th. There are NINE ways to win by clicking through the options in the contest widget below. If you decide to leave either of the comment suggestions, you can just leave one comment if you'd like with the info for both places.

This giveway is being sponsored by Proof Parsons, an online content creation company and Padilla Home Inspections and Handyman Services, LLC. If you need a website written, a press release drafted or a company blog regularly updated, the nice folks over at Proof Parsons can hook you up. The company also offers a discount for clients that make a donation to a children's charity. And, oh yeah, the owner of the company is a mommy and MM blogger.

Ed Padilla can meet all your home inspection and handyman needs in the Central Florida area and beyond. He is also the director of the Association of Handyman Professionals, so if you live outside of Florida, check out the association's directory for a certified handyman in your area.

But I digress... Enter to win the gift card below. Best of luck and happy shopping!" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, November 16, 2012

And the Holiday Toddler Hat Winner is...

Congratulations Kristin B. -- you have won the holiday toddler hat and $25 credit from Pretty Colleen! Check your email for instructions on how to redeem your prizes!
We had such a strong response to this contest and want to give everyone a chance to save a little bit. Pretty Colleen is offering 15% to all shoppers that enter the code "mumblingmommy" at checkout. This goes for custom orders too, so if you see something that you like that is not quite what you need, send her a message through Etsy with your request. This offer is good until December 17.
Check back on Monday, when we have another awesome giveaway to announce (hint: it will help with that toy shopping list of yours).
This hat belongs to Kristin B., but all readers can save
10% by using the code mumblingmommy on Etsy

Nice to Meet You... Again

By Katie
I'd like to think that I have improved as a person with time. Getting older, learning life lessons and understanding a little bit more about the passing of time have all contributed to this personal growth. I'd say that my strides toward becoming a better person took an exponential skyrocket when I became a parent.
I think back on how I used to view the world and the way I used to act pre-kids, and I wonder at how much my views have changed on account of these little people running circles around me. I'm sure it is possible that my childless friends have had some of the same epiphanies for different reasons, but for me, everything changed in my corner of the universe the day that I read a plus sign on a drug-store test.
I'm still "me," just a new and improved version. I may not look as good as I did 10 years ago, but I have more goodness in my life. And that's worth its weight.
One of the many joys of being a parent, and one in this technology-driven society, is reconnecting with old friends that are also parents now too. I enjoy getting back in touch with ALL friends, even those that are not at the kid stage or don't plan to ever be there, but the renewed relationships I've forged with other parents -- especially ones from my past -- are certainly the strongest.
I've re-met some of these friends through this blog. I sort of knew Rachael as a middle schooler and high schooler and ran into her a few times during my college years when she attended my parents' church. She was the faith editor at my hometown newspaper during the years that I was sneaking into bars with a fake I.D.  There was quite a distance between our lives back then, but as parents we have more in common than ever.
The same is true of my college pal and MM blogger Lori. I won't reveal any of her Ball State secrets, but let's just say she was my friend and roommate during those fake I.D. days that I mention above. We had some great times in our first years as young adults and there was a reason we were friends. Facebook wasn't really a thing when we graduated (her before me), and we sort of lost touch after we left Muncie. We met up here and there when we both lived in Indianapolis, but once I left the state for Florida, I didn't hear much from her (or she from me).

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Mommyhood is Fulfilled: Birth Control Options

By Heather C.

Shortly after my now-husband and I started dating we had the talk -- you know THE talk.
Sometimes a carefully watched calendar is enough
“How many kids do you want?” 8? 2? None? We discussed, debated, talked about our future. One thing we really didn’t talk about though was what happens when we’re done? You have your ideal number of kids and then what?
There are a variety of options out there for both men and women. You can use a birth control, a barrier method, family planning or a permanent route. Most married couples chose not to abstain so there’s no real point in providing information about it but obviously, when in a no-other-options scenario, that is the best way to keep your family in its current state.
Traditionally, doctors suggest hormonal options like the pill, ring, patch or shot. These are all fine options for birth control but they aren’t always the best options for everyone. Some women like me either can’t use hormonal birth controls or choose not to for personal reasons. For those of you who don’t know, hormonal birth control options have been linked to an increased risk for cervical and breast cancer.

I have a family history of breast cancer therefore I didn’t want to take any unnecessary chances. The hormones have also been linked to dryness and sexual problems, mood swings, weight gain, and even years of infertility post birth control.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Didn't Expect When Expecting

By Maura

I have officially passed the half way mark in my first pregnancy. So far so good! Well it’s been great, actually. I have a “cute” little bump, and even though I indulge in a little (ok, a lot) of the holiday treats in my home I have only gained about 7 pounds. I was incredibly lucky to not have one incident of morning sickness, and generally felt the same as always throughout the first trimester.

Getting ready for the little one
Pregnancy cannot be this easy, and if I avoided first trimester exhaustion and nausea, than certainly the second will bring something much worse? Wrong again. I will say the heartburn can be a bit much and if it’s possible, I sleep worse than normal, but still no real complaints.
My husband has been incredible and very interested in all details baby- something else I figured may not be the case. I am enjoying it immensely, and trying not to take it all for granted, but part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
So here I am on the cusp of 21 weeks, and I still don’t really even feel pregnant; it hasn’t quite hit me. And now I am getting ready for my 20 week ultrasound (literally it is in 3 hours). I have kept myself preoccupied with the desire to find out the gender of our little nugget and my appointments along the way have brought positive news, but this is the big one. Over the past couple of days it has begun to dawn on me that there is always the possibility of something not developing properly or working effectively.

Meeting Other Mommies: Dating All Over Again?

By Lori

Max, looking for friends at the park
When the reality that I was going to begin staying at home with my children actually hit me, I was suddenly nervous. Who would we have play dates (and MOMMY dates) with?  

I have several friends, along with my sister, who live in the area. I also have a lot of friends who left the cold weather for warmer locations throughout the United States, and I can’t blame them.

Most of my friends also have young children and are at home a few days during the week. However, once I started talking with them, I realized they still have a lot of commitments and are typically not open for play dates left and right. Many have part-time jobs, or they have older children in preschool, dance classes, swim lessons, and other activities that take up daytime hours, making play dates a little more challenging. This is unlike my totally open schedule and a job that allows me to work anytime I would like, as long as children are nestled snugly in their cribs.

So I realized I needed to come up with activities to help keep us busy. I had only myself to rely on, especially knowing the winter months were upon us and days at the park, long walks, and wagon rides would be limited. I wanted to make sure Max and Halle and I had fun and didn’t sit around the house all the time.

As frequently as possible, we began going to our neighborhood park, the local library, friends’ homes (when they’re free), and our local Chick-fil-A to play. It gave me some adult interaction, too. When you start talking to the toaster, you know you need more adult time.  

Immediately, I noticed a lot of moms don’t seem to be taking applications for new friends.  They’re friendly but not overly excited to be best buds. I understand. New relationships are a lot of work. Heck, maintaining some of my current relationships is a lot of work with everyone at such busy stages in their lives.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Year Passes: Are We Parents of Two ... or More?

By Rachael

Writing one year ago, 
with a sleeping infant and a trusty cup of tea.
It was 8 p.m. My husband was standing just outside the bathroom, supervising our 4-year-old’s tooth brushing routine. I was nearby in our just-turned-1-year-old’s room, stuffing small squirming arms and legs into a fleece sleeper. We take a man-to-man approach to bedtime in our house. In the midst of it all, my husband and I found ourselves once again discussing a question that has floated in our minds for the past year.

Are we going to have another baby?

One year ago, at the time I wrote my maiden post for Mumbling Mommy, we were in a much different place. I talked about adjusting to life with a newborn and a preschooler. I observed how I couldn’t sit down to nurse the baby without my 3-year-old hollering from the potty for me to come wipe her bottom. Housework was on hold, which meant no one was sweeping under our dining room table, and I learned how painful it can be to step on a chunk of fossilized play dough left out too long. But we had a sweet new baby.

We have come a long way in the past year. My youngest is a bright, active toddler. My oldest will be 5 in a few months. We’re focused on more than simply surviving each day. Boxes of outgrown baby clothes sit in a corner of the basement next to the bouncy seat and bassinet, all obsolete. Do I start selling and giving these items away, or do I hold onto them for one more baby? 

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Year Passes: An Intro Post Redux

By Heather C.

When I first joined Mumbling Mommy, I was a 26-year-old mom to a 2 ½ year old and 10-week-old twins. Now here I am, nearly a year later, having freshly celebrated another birthday and now with a 3 ½ year old preschooler and crawling-like-wild twinfants just weeks away from their first birthday.

You have all joined me in this journey as I blogged my way through breastfeeding, finding new hobbies, the financial woes of having a bigger family, hot topics, marriage, and my past with infertility and miscarriages.
In the past year, we’ve gone through big changes. In addition to taking our family from three members to five, my career life has taken a major change. Prior to joining Mumbling Mommy, I worked 30 hours a week at a local bank.
I continued working there on the weekends post twins in hopes that we would find the perfect daycare setting or in-home nanny; but after much deep soul searching, it became obvious that I was meant to be a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom. I began doing freelance writing back in February and in September I officially left the bank. In addition to my business writing, I contribute here and help run another parenting blog at

It’s safe to say I stay busy.

Wannabe Mommy Well on Her Way

By Maura

With my husband Gary at a football game
Some little girls dream about being models, movie stars or even doctors. But all I ever wanted to be was a mother. I spent my days playing house with my neighborhood friends, and recall being appalled if they wrapped their baby dolls in a towel and not a proper receiving blanket.
I checked out the book “babies, babies, babies!” from the book mobile every week, and begged my parents to take me to an Akron baby store called Berg’s Babyland. I spent hours flipping through the enormous JC Penny catalog of the 80’s pointing to all of the baby items I would have one day for my own child. Needless to say, I was obsessed.
As luck would have it (and thanks to many dandelion wishes) my mom had a “surprise” baby when I was 8. I mean really, could anything be more wonderful for a girl like me? I doted on my new baby brother and finally had a real one to play with.

I carried this desire for children through my entire life. In college at Ohio State, I had a serious boyfriend and figured we would get married and have kids. So much so that I planned my education and career choices around this; I didn’t want to spend years getting that Ph.D. in psychology to just stay home with our kids. My little obsession didn’t always lead to the best decisions! Well, that didn’t work out, and a few years later I found myself back at home in Florida, managing a Baby Gap. How appropriate!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Mumbling Mommy

By Katie

One year ago, I decided to take up the figurative pen and start blogging about my family once again. I had chronicled my journeys as a single mom with my daughter Emilia on the blog Moms at Work when I was a Tribune employee.

That time ended in June of 2011 and I refocused all of my energy on launching a freelance writing career and adjusting to my new combined family of five. But by November, I was ready to start blogging again.

I had always liked the variety of voices on Moms at Work and so I wondered if I could come up with something similar for Mumbling Mommy. I sent out a few emails and reached out to a few friends to see if they would be interested in sharing their parenting stories too.

Rachael signed on, and then so did Tricia. Rachael suggested two of her friends in St. Louis -- Heather C. and Elizabeth. My good friend Maddie also said she would like to contribute. Heather N. reached out to me through a friend that read the blog. Just last week, my college roommate Lori started blogging and this week you will meet my sister-in-law Maura.

A few others signed on, were generous enough to let us in on their lives, and then decided that the responsibility of blogging was too overwhelming due to time constraints or family issues. Every post you see here is unpaid; these bloggers take time out of their hectic schedules to write about their hectic schedules. Rachael takes it a step further and serves as the associate editor -- graciously letting me bounce ideas off of her and giving me insight on ways to improve the blogging experience for writers and readers.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Three: Things to Do with ALL that Artwork

By Katie

We have a lot of "artwork" at our house. With one kid in pre-K and another in Kindergarten, we see a steady stream of coloring pages, watercolor paintings and sheets of construction paper with cotton balls glued into seasonal shapes. Don't get me wrong - they are all beautiful works of art. There are just so many of them!

Our take on an average day
So I've been trying to get creative (read: not throw them away) so when my kids get too cool for crayons and macaroni noodles, I have proof that they were once adorable, marker-loving little ones.

Every now and then I come across something they've done that really makes me smile, like the drawing I have here that my stepson did. Done in basic ballpoint pen, it shows both of his houses and his dad's car in between. When I told him how much I liked it, he said "I did it wrong. My mom's house has too many stairs." I guess that means I get to keep it though.

For the rest of you drowning in a sea of school art projects, here are some tips on how to preserve that art and keep your kitchen counters clutter- (er, artwork) free.

  1. Make a scrapbook. If you enjoy scrapbooking, double win. If you don't have the time or patience for a proper scrapbook, buy a three-ring binder, punch holes in the artwork and voila! The point here is to organize everything to one central spot. It also makes it easy for your kids (and you) to flip through the artwork when they are older.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Adjusting to Life at Home with Two under Two

By Lori

Lori and family enjoying Indiana in the fall
Hi fellow moms!  Katie mentioned the idea of me blogging, and I decided to give it a go!  I am really excited to share my stories, laughs and challenges with all of you. Thanks for reading!

My name is Lori.  I am 30 years old and have two small children.  My first-born is a ‘new’ two-year-old boy, Max, who loves being a big brother.  The baby of our family is a little lady named Halle (rhymes with ‘Sally’).  The two are young, but already good pals and I enjoy seeing them interact and look forward to them growing up together. 

Prior to Halle’s birth, I was working for an insurance company, yearning to be at home with my young son.  My husband John and I vowed (before we decided to have another child) that we would do whatever we could to make sure I stayed at home once a second baby joined our family.  Both of us were so lucky as to have had mothers and grandmothers who were home with us and we very much wanted to be able to do the same.

My Cancer is Back... Now What?

By Tricia

Starting treatment
A year ago I woke up each and day and knew how lucky I was. Every single day. I watched my children and smiled knowing that I had been one of the lucky few to be diagnosed with melanoma and walk away with my life and without chemo treatments that would ravage my body. Lucky that my children were blissfully unaware of the scary path I had been on. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

You would think that after a cancer diagnosis while pregnant I couldn't be surprised by much else that life could throw my way. Wrong. I was completely blindsided by my recurrence this past month. I had been going for scans every 3 months and each time I heard "clear" I again rejoiced in my luckiness. On my September scan they told me they saw dense fluid at the surgery site. That didn't sound too intimidating after everything else we'd been through. I went for the PET scan to verify the seriousness of what we were looking at and waited for the results.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Season of Giving: Holiday Toddler Hat from Pretty Colleen

By Katie, on behalf of the bloggers

As we pack away the Halloween costumes for another year, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Mumbling Mommy wants to make this your best holiday season yet and so we are rolling out a series of giveaways from now until the end of the year. Keep checking back for more ways to win.

If you are like my sister-in-law, the owner of the Pretty Colleen brand, you already have your holiday shopping done. What?! I just made a lame spreadsheet over the weekend with names and blank cells where gift ideas are supposed to go. Pretty Colleen's rockin' planning is your gain though, readers, because she had some time to make this gorgeous toddler holiday hat to give away to one of you.

In addition, Mumbling Mommy will give the winner a $25 credit to spend at Pretty Colleen's Etsy shop. Don't have a little girl? This hat makes a great gift and there are PLENTY of items for moms on her site as well, so you can get yourself a little present with the credit.

All you have to do to enter is use the easy widget below. There are several ways to win, and each one will earn you a different amount of entries. (Tip: The final way is by agreeing to leave a comment on this post; just click "I commented" and then follow up. We will match up entries.)

A winner will be announced on the afternoon of Friday, November 16th and notified by email.

Good luck -- and let the holiday season begin!

(If you are interested in sponsoring a giveaway on Mumbling Mommy, send us an email at" rel="nofollow">a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies

By Rachael

Kids love to help decorate these little turkeys.
These cookies are kid-friendly and simple to make, especially if you cheat and use store-bought cookie dough. We took these to a church dinner a few years ago and had none left over.


·         One package of sugar cookie dough (or use your own recipe)
·         One package of candy corn
·         One bag of M&M's
·         Chocolate frosting
·         Black and orange decorative icing

1.       Bake cookies.
2.      When cookies are cool, spread a thin line of frosting around the edge of one half of each cookie. Stick candy corn to the frosting to make turkey “feathers," as shown in photo. 
3.   Add M&M's for eyes. Add pupils to eyes with dots of decorative icing.  
4.   Draw the turkeys' beaks and feet with icing.

Enjoy your turkeys!

You can contact Rachael by e-mailing her at

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