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If you are reading this, the world did not end.
Are you relieved? What have you done in the last week to prepare? Stock up on
groceries? Go on a fun family trip just in case this was the last one? Spend
more money than you should? I’ll bet a lot of people did something they don’t
normally do: lived a little! 
If you can take anything away from recent tragic events,
it’s this: Act like the world is always
I’m not talking about going crazy. Don’t liquidate all of
your assets for an around the world cruise. Don’t do anything illegal or
harmful. Don’t quit your job. Don’t eat three Big Macs. Acting like the world
is ending doesn’t mean you have to jump off a cliff or lose your mind.
What I mean is simply this. No one gets taken for granted.
Be a better wife. Be a better mom. Save Facebook for nap time. Get involved
more. Put your phones and computers away while the kids are playing. Better
yet, play with them. Stop obsessing about your to-do list. Blast the radio and
dance around in your underwear. Visit your retired grandparents more often. Pay
bills after bedtime. Do things every day so if it’s your very last, if the
world ends tomorrow, you’ll have no regrets.

I’ve always been told to never end a phone call without
saying “I love you,“ never walk out the door without a kiss goodbye, never go
to bed mad. You know these things. You know these moments could mean the end.
There could always be an accident or a zombie apocalypse. Will you see your
kids again? Will you see your husband again? You know these things but you get
too relaxed. You get too comfortable in believing the world won’t really end.
Don’t forget these things. They matter. And mean them. Mean it every time you
whisper your love. Mean every hug.
Did the world end today? Not for everyone. Some celebrated
new life today, celebrated birthdays, partied because the Mayans were wrong.
And some cried as they buried their mother, father, son, daughter, or
grandparent. Some wept after learning their spouse was late because he wasn’t
coming home, not because of traffic. For some people the world did end. 
Will you make it count? 
You can contact Heather by emailing her at heatherc@mumblingmommy.com.
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