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Our Thanksgiving table centerpiece

My oldest daughter and I have been making crafts with recycled milk jugs this fall. It started with cute jack-o-lanterns we made for Halloween. This week, we transformed another jug into a nice, plump Thanksgiving turkey.

To start, wash an empty gallon jug and allow it time to dry. Cover the whole thing with brown acrylic paint. When the paint is dry, cut feather shapes from construction paper and glue on to make a tail and wings. Cut a tear drop-shaped red piece of construction paper for the turkey’s wattle (that thing that hangs under his chin!), and cut an orange or yellow piece of paper for his beak. Cut eyes out of white and black paper. Glue it all on, and voila.

Don’t forget to trace your child’s hands on orange or yellow construction paper. Cut out the hand shapes and glue them to the bottom of your turkey to give him some feet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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