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By Rachael

These turkey cookies are kid-friendly and simple to make, especially if you cheat and use store-bought cookie dough. We took these to a church dinner a few years ago and had none left over.


·    One package of sugar cookie dough (or use your own recipe)

·    One package of candy corn

·    One bag of M&M’s

·    Chocolate frosting

·    Black and orange decorative icing


1.       Bake cookies.

2.      When cookies are cool, spread a thin line of frosting around the edge of one half of each cookie. Stick candy corn to the frosting to make turkey “feathers,” as shown in photo.

3.   Add M&M’s for eyes. Add pupils to eyes with dots of decorative icing.

4.   Draw the turkeys’ beaks and feet with icing.

Enjoy your turkeys!

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