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By Maura

I have officially passed the half way mark in my first
pregnancy. So far so good! Well it’s been great, actually. I have a “cute” little bump, and even though I
indulge in a little (ok, a lot) of the holiday treats in my home I have only gained about 7 pounds. I was
incredibly lucky to not have one incident of morning sickness, and generally felt the same as always
throughout the first trimester.

Getting ready for the little one

Pregnancy cannot be this easy, and if I avoided first
trimester exhaustion and nausea, than certainly the second will bring something much worse? Wrong again. I will
say the heartburn can be a bit much and if it’s possible, I sleep worse than normal, but still no real

My husband has been incredible and very interested in all
details baby- something else I figured may not be the case. I am enjoying it immensely, and trying not to
take it all for granted, but part of me is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

So here I am on the cusp of 21 weeks, and I still don’t
really even feel pregnant; it hasn’t quite hit me. And now I am getting ready for my 20 week ultrasound
(literally it is in 3 hours). I have kept myself preoccupied with the desire to find out the gender of our
little nugget and my appointments along the way have brought positive news, but this is the big one. Over
the past couple of days it has begun to dawn on me that there is always the possibility of something not
developing properly or working effectively.

By nature I am a worrier, and of course hoping for the best,
while cautiously expecting it. I admit I do say “please be a girl!” (Out loud, in writing and to myself)
but do have an overwhelming understanding of the common notion “please just be a healthy baby”. And
really, boys are fun, too (right?)!!

So what’s the catch??? Of course I will deal with a
difficult child, right? Or gain 70 pounds in the last trimester? At the very least, this pregnancy may allow baby
Benson to be an only child, I am not one to tempt fate!
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