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By Heather C.

Photo Via Creative Commons

There are at least a dozen ways to provide food and
nutrition to your baby before their first birthday. There’s breastfeeding and
formula, typically done exclusively at least until four months with many moms
choosing to wait until six months now.

Then there’s a variety of solid food
options from buying jars of food (choosing a brand of food), to Baby Led Weaning,
to making your own homemade purees. I’ve even examined a less common option,
premastication, here before.

And while there is nothing wrong with any of those options,
today I’m going to tell you why I choose to make my own baby food.

  1. I
    know exactly what is in it…
    There have been far too many recalls on baby food
    in my opinion. When pregnant with my oldest, there was a massive recall of baby
    food jars because parents had found a foreign substance mixed in that was later
    identified as rat poison. WHAT??!?!?
  2. I
    can make it the consistency and flavor of my preference…
    Let’s face it, plain
    ole carrots or green beans are pretty boring but mix them with some corn or
    squash and you’ve created a new flavor to keep your baby interested. We love
    getting creative with our purees making baby versions of our favorite meals:
    pureed chicken parm, cheese and broccoli rice, etc. We can wean our babies into
    eating chunkier foods by selecting different options on our food processor. We
    can even add breastmilk instead of water to change the consistency as well if
    we choose.
  3. It
    saves money. And is EASY…
    I remember being out at the mall with a friend. Lily
    was just 8 months old. My friend’s daughter was 5 weeks older than her. We sat
    in the food court. I pulled out a Take N Toss brand container of sweet potatoes
    and a spoon and started feeding Lily. My friend grabbed a jar of green beans
    and did the same. As we chatted, I was surprised that she didn’t make her own
    food as she loved to cook and was always preparing huge intricate meals for her

A Sample of Our Baby Food

I don’t cook anything but prepping, cutting, steaming, and pureeing
food for my girls is relaxing. I enjoyed it with Lily and I’m enjoying it even
more for the twins. Lily even enjoys helping me get food ready for her sisters.
Once made, we spoon the food into ice cube trays to freeze. Once frozen, we pop
out the cubes and store them in freezer Ziploc bags labeled with the type and
date. It is that simple. They are the perfect portions to grab a cube or two
(or mix and match).  We typically only
spent one Sunday a month making everything we needed.

Our first attempt at making our own food
was with sweet potatoes. We bought one large sweet potato for $0.78. It then
made 13 portions of sweet potatoes for Lily. We compared to the jars of sweet
potatoes sold at our local store. One jar (which was about 2 portions) cost

all decisions, how you feed your baby is up to you. But if you are interested in going the route of
purees, I’d encourage you to give making your own a shot.

Heather C. owns and writes for the blog Our Magical Chaos. She uses the lessons her kids teach her to take each day at a time and embrace the twists life throws at her. Being a parent is what she knows best. Our Magical Chaos features stories, product reviews, and tips for parents just trying to make it through. You can like Our Magical Chaos on Facebook or follow Heather on Twitter. Heather is also a freelance writer and runner. She specializes in parenting girls, all things twins, and before staying home with her girls, she worked nearly a decade in retail banking. 

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