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Heather and family (twins were still cooking)

name is Heather. I am a 26-year-old mom of three beautiful daughters, 2 years
old and younger. Yikes! Lillian Rose is 2 ½. And most recently Natalie Marie
and Sophia Lea joined the fun. They are my 10 week old twins. I have been
married to my husband Jeremy for a little over 5 ½ years. We live in St. Louis,
MO. I like to refer to our lives as magical chaos!

beginning of our story isn’t very out of the ordinary. My husband and I met in
high school. We worked together at a local tool store. We were friends first
for almost 2 years before we began dating. We even dabbled with a long distance
relationship for a year when I went away for college but it was too much for
us. I chose him. I moved back home, transferred to a local night school and
soon after we were engaged and planning our wedding!

husband is 2 years older than I and I was 20 when we got married. It was always my
dream to me a young mom and he was on board with that so we started trying to
get pregnant right away. Unfortunately, we were met with over a year of
disappointment. Three months into our journey, we were referred to an
infertility clinic. Under their care, we tried 3 different doses of Clomid as
well as HCG injections. On our third round of treatment, we were elated to
discover finally being pregnant. But after 6 weeks of tests, it was determined
the pregnancy was not viable, our first miscarriage. And just 2 months later,
another miscarriage. Under the advice of our reproductive endocrinologist, we
took a break.

was a long break. For the next year, we tried to move on but there were a lot
of emotional scars. I was in a bad place mentally and my husband had a hard
time understanding my feelings. We discussed separation and even divorce but in
a shocking surprise, I ended up pregnant. We like to say that this truly saved
our marriage. It gave us a reminder of why we loved each other and what we had
to fight for. It was a difficult pregnancy for the first 24 weeks. I suffered
Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Once I began feeling human again, I loved being
pregnant and we were blessed with our first daughter, born just shy of 37

I forgot to mention. I’m a working mom (or at least I was…) I’ve worked in
branch banking for 8 years now. I’ve been a teller, a supervisor, a call center
representative, and most recently a personal banker. I love what I do.
Budgeting and finance are truly two of my favorite topics (other than writing
about my kids of course!) I began my current position in September 2008. I found
out I was pregnant in October. Oops. I was very lucky to have such an
understand boss. I started working full time but after getting so sick in the
beginning of my pregnancy, I dropped down to a part time position. I worked 30
hours a week through the end of my pregnancy and continued doing so Lily’s
entire first 2 years.

Natalie (left) and Sophia (right) – 10 weeks old

let’s fast forward to the part I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. Yes, I am
the mom of twins. Yes, I’m very tired. No, it’s not quite the blessing everyone
describes. But no, I wouldn’t change it for the world! Let’s talk about that

running into so many problems pre-Lillian, we started trying to get pregnant
again April 2011. We assumed it would take months so we guarded our hearts and
just tried to stay positive. I found out I was pregnant in May. And on June 20th,
I saw my doctor (who does a 1st trimester ultrasound for all
patients to determine gestational age). I can still remember that moment
vividly. The ultrasound tech seemed to really be moving that wand around,
wasn’t saying anything. Then the words came out of her mouth, “Well, for
starters there’s two.” I definitely used profanity. I stopped looking at the
screen. I held my husband’s hand so tight, I likely could have broken his
fingers. I started bawling. Hyperventilating. Even once the ultrasound was
completed, we went back to the OB’s waiting room. I almost couldn’t walk. I
couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t think. I kept repeating over and over through
gasps of air, “Two? Two! Oh my God. Two.” Not what you pictured from the movies
is it?

itself had its own ups and downs. At 24 weeks, it was determined that I was in
pre-term labor. I was given steroids for the girls in hopes that I would make
it just 48 more hours. I was admitted to the hospital with 24 hour monitoring,
IV fluids, etc. 8 weeks later, I was still pregnant. I spent that entire time
on the antepartum floor on hospital bed rest. Finally, in my 31st
week, my doctors were going to send me home to finish out my pregnancy. I was
scheduled to go home at 32 weeks. The day before, at 31 weeks, 6 days my
daughters were born via emergency c-section after 5 hours of active labor. The
girls were admitted straight to the NICU and stayed there for 30 days.

that’s me. The twins are now 10 weeks old. I wake up each morning with
absolutely no expectations because the day will inevitably never go as planned.
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