Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Really Is In A Name? Take Our Poll.

By Katie

What's in a name?

Do you know the meaning and significance of your own? According to family lore, my name was supposed to be Adam Joseph. I was supposed to be a boy, you see. When it was determined that I was not in fact a boy (post birth), my parents were left to scramble for a proper girl's name. My dad suggested Vanessa. Vanessa Powalski. My poor mother was exhausted, sweaty, hot and in a lot of pain from recently delivering her first child. She knew that I was not Vanessa material. Suddenly, my mom remembered my dad's favorite aunt -- Aunt Kate. She suggested Katie and my dad was so moved by the family connection that he severed his emotional connection to Vanessa. Katie Powalski went home with her parents and two years later, Adam Joseph was born.

In this, my second pregnancy, I have spent a decent amount of energy trying to find a good name for my little girl. Like most parents, I want something that is different but not so different that it looks like I spent nine months trying to be difficult or overly witty about a name.

I want a name with meaning. I want a name that's pretty. I want a name that has some connection to my husband's family, my family and our other three kids -- simultaneously. Since it looks like Blue Ivy is off the market (curse you, Beyonce!) I will probably have to go with something else.

We think that we have it figured out at this point, but seeing our little girl's face may change our minds. I'm curious... have any parents ever had a really, really easy time naming their kids?

Take our poll (in the right column) and let us know what you think is the most important thing when picking out a name for kids. You can pick as many answers as you like.


  1. I never intended for my children to have all hebrew originated names. I also never intended to have a mess. But they do. And also the first four kids have a name whos first letters make up the word mess. Eventually we hope to have a message! The next baby will be a G name! Neat post!

  2. I vote a name that is easy to pronounce in a loud voice, so you don't sound foolish when yelling at your kid. Easier to say JACK, STOP JICKING the CAT!!!! than RADMONIVISHESIMUM, BE NICE TO YOUR MOTHER!!!!


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