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When I cook and bake in the kitchen, my preschooler loves to drag a chair up to the counter to help me measure and pour ingredients. This Rudolph cookie recipe is one of many she loves to help me with. I’m always looking for fun recipes we can make together. Last year, a simple internet search yielded these cookies that look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. We took them to a party on Christmas Day at my in-laws’ house. I like that the Rudolph cookie recipe is easy to follow.  I also like that I get lots of compliments from people thinking I came up with the idea to make these Rudolph cookies all by myself!

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you can help your children assemble these cookies so they will look like they’re ready for a magazine photo shoot, or you can leave the decorating entirely up to the kiddos and your cookies may look like they’ve pranced out of some sort of Picasso painting.  Either way, they will look cute and taste delicious!


Rudolph Cookie Recipe Ingredients:

– One package of peanut butter cookie dough


– One large bag of M&M’s


– One package of chocolate-covered pretzels


– One small tube of white or brown icing


Rudolph Cookie Recipe Directions:
Shape peanut butter cookie dough into small balls and bake according to directions,
but do not make the usual criss-cross design with a fork. While cookies are still warm, press on chocolate-covered pretzels to make Rudolph’s antlers. Use a drop of icing to attach a red M&M for the nose. Use more icing to attach M&M’s of another color for Rudolph’s eyes. Serve when cookies are cool. Hope you and your family like this Rudolph cookie recipe! This is one of my favorites since it allows my kids to participate and have fun.
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