Friday, November 28, 2008

My Short List

... of things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving Day.

-- The two incredibly understanding women who sat in rows 17D and 17E on flight 747 from Sanford, Fla. to South Bend, Ind. the night before Thanksgiving. Not only did 17E hold Emilia so that I could use the restroom, but when I mentioned that I needed to find a changing table as soon as the plane landed, they both stood in the aisle of the plane, while I laid down a changing pad and changed Emilia right there in row 17.

-- The blonde flight attendant with a the blinking-Christmas-lights headband who carried Emilia up and down the aisle on the plane when the captain had turned on the fasten seat belt sign and I could not. She ended about 30 minutes of crying in about 10 seconds, and even let Emilia drool all over her ID badge.

-- The airplane worker who saw me trying to balance a baby in a Snugli on front of me, and a diaper bag/oversized purse on my shoulder, while lifting my carry-on over my head and into the overhead comparment. He happily dropped the trash he was collecting from a previous flight and did it for me.

... as well as the entire flight of tired and cold passengers who had to listen to my very unhappy child cry for the majority of the flight, and greeted me with understanding smiles as we exited the plane, instead of looks of annoyance.

And of course, for my mother who simply looked at Emilia and has had her smiling every since.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's the deal with...

... The Wonder Pets, Yo Gabba Gabba and the strange puppets on Little Einstein's?

Emilia starts screaming and laughing as soon as any of the above mentioned shows comes on. I sit there, a little bit concerned about my own nightmares that are sure to ensue.

I've been told to be thankful that the Teletubbies aren't on anymore.

I'm not sure what bothers me exactly:

- Is it the fact that a hamster with a yellow baseball cap, and a turtle with a lisp, are out saving the planet?

- Do I get the creeps from the skeleton-thin man in a spandex orange jumpsuit, bright orange shag wig and oversized black-framed spectacles that is playing "D.J. says" with my child?

- Or is it just the fact that I get all the silly little songs stuck in my head for days on end?

I breathe a sigh of relief when Spongebob or Dora the Explorer is on.

Emilia likes those too, and I'm a huge Patrick Star fan.

Monday, November 24, 2008

How to Save $30 the Hard Way

Emilia and I are flying a discount airline on Wednesday for a few reasons -- the first is obviously the price, and the second is that it has a direct flight to South Bend so we will avoid the crazy Chicago airports the day before Thanksgiving.

I know that all the airlines are cutting back these days, but it really seems like this particular one is going a little bit too far. If I want to pick out my seat ahead of time, it costs me $12 (both ways) and if I want trip protection that will cost me another $15.

But the additional cost that made my jaw drop was the $30 fee for the first checked bag. I opted not to pay for it when purchasing the tickets. So today I am spending the better part of my afternoon figuring out how to pack all of the things a 7-month-old baby and her mommy (with a penchant for overpacking anyhow) need for about 6 days.

Here's a rundown of my own things that have been removed from the carry-on suitcase and the replacement items:

My black furry boots ------> replaced with ------> 7 long-sleeved onesies

My ceramic ion hair straightener ------> replaced with ------> a package of teething rings

My face soap, toner and moisturizer ------> replaced with ------> an airtight container of soy formula

My pajamas ------> replaced with -------> 2 fleece footie baby pjs, one with hearts and butterfiles, the other with reindeer and candy canes

So I will be wearing the same makeup that I leave with, and sporting a curly, matted 'fro for the holiday weekend --all while wearing flip flops in the snow and sleeping naked. Sounds like a plan...

However, I will have an extra $30 to spend.... $60, if you count the way home.

And I think I saw that Exersaucer that Emilia needs on sale at Target this week for $59.99...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fresh Start

If I've learned anything in my 7 months as a mommy, it's that everything was much simpler when Emilia was still forming in my belly.... grocery shopping, doing laundry, taking showers, and yes -- even blogging.

But reading over my pregnancy blog has convinced me that it's an important exercise for myself, and for Emilia to be able to see someday.

So I'm back, and at a new address. The pregnancy blog will still exist, and I will link it to this one. I just think that the two need to have their own space.

Thanks for all your support, and for reading. I hope it continues to bring you some insight into our family, and even brings you a laugh or two.
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